Beverly Vacuum Cleaner serves Beverly, Gloucester and Salem, Massachusetts.

I know how hard it is to buy something even a vacuum cleaner. Salespeople are all out there and they want your money. Beverly Vacuum Cleaner is a local business, since 1990 and I support the local community. So if you are a customer come on in and I'll buy your cookies. More important if there is a problem, I will solve it for you in a matter of minutes.

While Miele is the way to go in terms of allergy relief; The Milele Onyx, model S6270, has high ratings, an air driven turbo for carpets and rugs also a parquet floor floor for bare floors and above the floor surface cleaning. Yet, some families prefer a built-in vacuum cleaner system like AstroVac, EasyFlo or VacuMaid. I can design, estimate and install a central vacuum cleaner system right for you and your home. I have no middlemen and I do not pay commission so you can have the lowest possible estimate.

Selling Miele vacuum cleaners for almost 20 years, I never took a return. They are that good. But, with a smile and a handshake, I hope that not only do I sell vacuum cleaners, but friendship, neighborly manners and I have a lot of Northshore pride. Come on in and find a new way to shop. I also pick up and deliver. Open 9-5 during the week and Saturday, I am open 9 til 3.


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Come joing the Miele Generation
Engineered & Manufactured in Germany.
Keys made here
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Household keys made while you wait.
All the popular housekeys made drop off or wait.
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Sewing machines need TLC
I will take care of your sewing machine adjust, clean and tune.